April 27th, 2009


google mobile sync

А кто еще не в курсе как синькать мобильный телефон (в частности SE) и акк на гугле в плане контактов? :)
  • Click the 'Menu' key and open the 'Organizer'.
  • Select 'Synchronization'.
  • Select 'New Account' and enter 'Google Sync' or any name of your choice.
  • Enter the following values:
    • Server address: https://m.google.com/syncml
    • Username: your Google Account username, e.g. you@googlemail.com
    • Password: your Google password
    • Connection: select the Internet access point for your carrier
    • Applications: mark 'Contacts' only and click 'OK'
    • App. settings: open 'Contacts' and for 'Database name' enter 'contacts' (lower case), leave other fields blank
    • Sync. interval: choose how frequently you would like to synchronize with Google
    • Leave other settings unchanged
  • Click 'Save' to exit this screen and save your Sync profile.
  • Highlight your new Sync profile and press 'Start'.